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The expert and mentor for maximum success in orthodontics and practice management

Dr. Baxmann is an orthodontist, speaker, amazon bestseller author and multi-entrepreneur.

As managing director of the multi-award-winning orthodontic practice group Orthodentix® and the orthodontic specialist laboratory MyOrthoLab®-Experts in Orthodontics, Dr. Baxmann developed a method for systematically and reproducibly, but also with ease, how to achieve orthodontics and practice management.

In the popular Amazon bestseller Lean Orthodontics®, he teaches you how to do this in a very informative and pointed way.

But of course Dr. Baxmann will be happy to help you personally:

“100% success with 80% less effort doesn’t just sound good. It has been used in various practices all over the world for years. And now, are you ready to implement it?”.

For his innovative work, he was awarded the international HealthCare Award, the Gamechangers Award and the European Business Award in 2019 by CEO Today Magazin 2018.

Dr. Martin Baxmann has been appointed as international speaker for more than 10 years. And, especially in his year-round curriculum, he does provide extremely efficient and easy-to-implement orthodontics likewise. His method is based on over and over updated evidence and years of top level experience. This is what´s called “LEAN ORTHODONTICS®”.

His popular video tutorials quickly reached several 100,000 views on YouTube alone. Subscribe to his channel now and get loads of clinical tipps for free!

To support this concept, he regularly develops new orthodontic products and apps. As editor and author, Baxmann for specialist books such as “Fixed appliances for class II therapy” or the bestselling “Lean Orthodontics®” book series.

His patient guides “How to make your smile irresistible” and “How to make perfect children’s smiles that last forever ” have already found a place in many practices and also in the hands of numerous patients as a popular help to gain easy access to expert knowledge.

Well-known brands that build their huge success on

Dr. Baxmann´s Lean Orthodontics ®

What  his clients say

Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Kfo Praxis Management Lean Orthodontics Agnes Krenn.jpg „I am an absolute fan of Dr. Baxmann's Lean Orthodontics®. The program is clearly structured, but individual interests and questions of each participant are also taken into account. In addition to the theory, you get a lot of practical tips and all this in a very respectful and friendly atmosphere, which I particularly appreciate. I learned a such a lot! This helped me immensely as a beginner of orthodontics to get the courage to treat my own patients.“ Dr. Agnes Krenn, Zahnärztin Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Zaehne Kfo Praxis Lean Orthodontics.jpg „Dr. Martin Baxmann communicates his very practice-oriented concept Lean Orthodontics ® of systematic and compact orthodontics with incredible energy and great enthusiasm. The 5-second model analysis, the Baxmann Keys, the Baxmann 3: 1 rule, the ABCD system are important tools for me and can be implemented immediately in my practice. His mentoring program is unique and provides important help and support in case planning and questions of all kinds; my orthodontic work is very enriched by this course program! Thank you very much for that!“ Dr. Hannes Küfler, Zahnarzt Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Smile Kfo Praxis Management Lean Orthodontics2.jpg „The Lean Orthodontics® course from Dr. Martin Baxmann is very well organized and structured. His treatment plans are crystal clear and can be integrated and implemented very well in everyday practice. All questions that arise are answered and explained. In general, I like the course very much, because I am shown in detail how to structure the work in my own practice, which causes significantly less stress.“ Dr. Barbara Hiller, Zahnärztin Dr Baxmann Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Zaehne Kfo Praxis Management Lean Orthodontics.jpeg „I gained a lot from this course again and think the logical, eye-opening conclusions are absolutely awesome.“ Dr. Gregor Springer, Zahnarzt Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Smile Kfo Praxis Management Lean Orthodontics3.jpg „The orthodontic course series Lean Orthodontics® is characterized by a clear treatment concept that can be put into practice immediately. The aim of treatment is an optimal result which can be achieved in a reasonable treatment period that is acceptable for patients and practitioners. In his exciting and empathic lectures, Dr. Baxmann knows precisely how to convey complex relationships in a clear and understandable manner. Case planning is discussed very detailed according to his excellent concept and discussed in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. The benefit for the practitioner is great. I can highly recommend the courses to all new orthodontists and also to experienced colleagues likewise.“ Dr. Karin Haas, MSc, Zahnärztin Dr Baxmann Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Zaehne Kfo Praxis Management Erfahrungen Zahnarzt Dietmar Konstaniniuk.jpg „Like many others in my situation, after my graduate studies I looked for a way to learn the craftmanship of orthodontics and therefore looked for suitable education programmes. Several courses, congresses and an ongoing master of science course later, I can say with complete conviction that in no lecture room I have ever learned so much for everyday, practical work in such a short time as with Dr. Baxmann. weiterlesen Dr. Dietmar Konstaniniuk, Zahnarzt Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Smile Kfo Praxis Management Lean Orthodontics Erfahrung.jpg „Dr. Baxmann is a brilliant orthodontist and excellent teacher. His "Lean Orthodontics®" method is simple, understandable and learnable. I am totally excited about it and thank you very much for it!“ Dr. Elen Ho, Zahnärztin Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Smile Kfo Praxis Management Erfahrung Lean Orthodontics .jpg „Lean Orthodontics® with Dr. Baxmann is definitely recommended! As a beginner, I got to know the entire concept, which allows for independent treatment planning and implementation. With the knowledge I have gained, I can now master many everyday tasks in an orthodontic practice. After this experience, I was very happy to register for the advanced course, in which a large portion of new knowledge and a wonderful atmosphere can be expected again.“ Dr. Anna Nawrocka, Zahnärztin Since 2019 I have been taking part in various orthodontic courses from Dr. Martin Baxmann participated and would highly recommend them. The LeanOrthodontics principle is easy to understand and extremely practical. Dr. Baxmann is a brilliant teacher, mentor and speaker to whom I owe much of my orthodontic knowledge. Dr. Alicia Wegund, Dentist from Vienna


Simply everything that makes you (even more)successful in orthodontics and practice management.

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 Achieve perfect implementation by  step by step guides. Thanks to the many practical examples and clear instructions, you and your team can systematically train yourself and apply the new LEAN ORTHODONTICS® easily and safely.

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    Well-known brands bbuilding their success on

    Dr. Baxmann´s Lean Orthodontics ®

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